Design Philosophy

Royal Bali Celadon perceives design as an expression to communicate the story behind our uniquely handcrafted approach to transform humble stoneware clay into novelty tableware. We produce one-of-a-kind dinnerware products that can connect deeply with the chef's handmade food through attention to details on every piece of the range. Royal Bali Celadon wants to assist chefs to bring forth the unique essence of their own works. This Philosophy is then derived that all of our ceramics have to reflect zealous passion in design and to be different. Every piece of the products we design is to emphasize the handmade value behind its process making. So that it will convey the look that connects your handmade food and matched as one when presented together on the table.


We have been working with some of the best chefs in the world, Michelin starred chefs and top hotels around the world for the past 30 years. We understand that chefs want to have something different for presenting their creations and to keep exploring their creativities beyond the boundaries of normative food presentation. In the end, it is all about a dining experience that encourages chefs and restaurateurs to metamorphose food into unforgetable cuisine. From classy fine dining restaurants to stylish hypster joints and quaint dessert cafes, we are truly well stocked with handmade tableware options from chic casual to dress - up design ranges.


Our commitment is to provide our clients with the latest designs because chefs are artists too. Creativity in presenting and dressing up their cuisine is what will make their works unique and different from others. Choosing the right vessels will help chefs to create their dream food presentation directly on their table.